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This site has photos and videos and behind the scenes articles on making these movies. What it is
like to find the models, how to work with them and shoot them to make these movies. You will also get to watch some blooper footage which has never been seen before. Look all over the site, there's lots to see!

This is the homepage. From here you can find many links for photos and videos with different models. Some are international stars, and one is the manager of a McDonalds!

The constant smiles by the girls create a happy feeling in the viewer. This is why they are so popular. You will feel happy after you watch one.
A comedy! These sexy girls will make you laugh!

Imagine Americas Next Top Model, except the girls are always in bikinis! They smile! They are funny! They dance! They show their "talents"! 82 minutes long. Want to laugh? Have a look!

"I love this site. I downloaded a slow motion video and I love it."
          Dave R.

"Bikini Babes Countdown is my favorite so far. The girls are so much fun to watch"

"A bikini fun site for sure!"
          Bobbie G.

"These girls love to tease and it really shows in the videos. Betsy and Ky are so busty and jiggle so much, and you can tell they're having fun doing it. Aria is so thick in all the right places, plus she's the biggest crowd pleaser.

Can't wait to see the newest videos! They're not available on Amazon. Is there another way to get 21-25?  I've been a long time fan and have a lot of the older Ky and Betsy videos from Amazon and some from indiereign as well. I've rediscovered them and forgot how awesome the girls are!"
            Steven, Portland OR

There are about 30 movies on this webpage and 40 photos, some of Hollywood celebrities and Bollywood actresses.

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Deconstructing "Bikini Babes Countdown"

The girls photos and stories.

The girls photos and stories 2

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49 cent
bikini movies

Bollywood bikini stars

Kate Upton,
Sports Illustrated
Cover Girl

Celebrities in bikinis, Kate Upton, Katy Perry

More celebrities in bikinis, Megan Fox, Jlo

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More bikini girls


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