Photos of the girls along with personal stories about them. Part of a continuing series about these bikini movies and the girls who star in them.
Ky's Story. This is Ky, one of my most popular models ever. Ky responded to an ad I had on craigslist, and came to me a few days after she turned 18.

I had seen some selfies of her and when she arrived I was pleased to see she looked so much cuter than in her selfies. We did three shoots. She got less inhibited with each shoot, and she started doing more jiggles each time. She is the youngest looking Kate Upton look alike.

After our third shoot, she moved back to her home town. A while later I got a request from her asking me to take down any videos of her on youtube, which showed her face in the thumbnail photo. It seems she was getting more attention back home than she wanted. I complied of course. I don't know if she is doing any more modelling. It seems like it was just something she wanted to try to see what it was like.
Here's Ky outdoors on our second shoot. She did something amusing on this shoot. After shooting a couple of dances in one location, I would announce where we were going next and that I wanted her to change bikinis. I would start off walking, carrying my camera and tripod and she would lag behind a bit. She would duck into the woods and change quickly and then catch up to me. She did this about 5 times. I never had to wait for her for more than about 30 seconds.... she must have changed very quickly and then ran to catch up.

She was raised on a farm and I guess she has experience changing in the woods and taking short cuts through the woods while running!

You can see Ky featured in some of the movies here. She is an all time favorite, and it would be nice if she came back for more! If you look closely at her dances, you can probably figure out which dances are from her first shoot, and which are from her last shoot. Lots more jiggling on her last shoot. I didn't tell her how to dance, it was all her own idea. Her body has been compared to Kate Upton's. Do you think she is a Kate Upton look alike? She is definitely cute and fun
to watch on video.
This is Porsche, in her first appearance after getting a boob job. When she came she talked to me about her new boobs. She showed me two small scars under her armpits where the implants where inserted. I was sure surprised they could do it that way!

She loved her new boobs and she was anxious to show them off! She had at least 30 bikinis and she wore most of them in the series of movies here.

She is one of the stars in the feature film which you can find on this website. She came several times. We exchanged a couple of emails a while ago regarding shooting more, but she has greatly raised her rates and I can't afford to hire her now.
This is Betsy, another all time favorite. She makes her own bikinis! She loved dancing in her creations! She came back multi times, doing 17 dances at one shoot.

She is a burlesque performer and makes her own costumes for burlesque. She was fun to work with and I can see if I can get her back if there are enough requests. What do you think? Do you want more of her?
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