More photos of some of the girls who star in these bikini movies. These girls are friendly and fun and they smile a lot.
Eugenie De Sade. She is an international model and I was lucky enough to get her for a shoot. She is in a feature length movie as well as some other videos.

You can find photos of her on this site. She has many different looks! You will see her blond, and with pink hair too!
See her here.

She is very flexible! See how flexible she is
in the deconstructing video which you
can find on this site. These photos were taken at her video shoot.
Here's Ky again our very own Kate Upton look alike. She is almost toooo cute! What do you think?

She was raised on a farm with rabbits and pigs and knows how to do farm chores.

You can find her in several movies here, including one where she is the only girl in the movie. If you want to see her all by herself, have a look at her below!

Watch this Kate Upton look alike do a "bunny dance"!
This is Porsche. In her second shoot after getting her new boobs!

You can watch her below. 



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